Sobota, 20. január, 2018 | Meniny má Dalibor

Načítavam, moment...
Momentálne nie ste prihlásený

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buď rád, že si na tú nebeskú bránu ešte neklopal...
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urcite ste toho vela prezili
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Hey(sic), ved nebud taky arogantny. Ani studium na berkeley:) ta k tomu neopravnuje:).
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the misunderstanding

between Man and God seems to be fateful, really does:)))))
Why is that ??? Let´s talk to God !! ... but where are you Mr.Perfect LOVE ???? .. oh I´ve got it ! ....... ME is God:)))))

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You have made me really sad. And I mean it.

Where is all this deep thinking coming from? :).Too much grass and then even the smallest waves seem enormous, overwhelming and therefore not visible. Or is it the deep slav soul emerging from the farthest cornes of your psyche:).

Alas, i have seen the light said the surfer when a 100 ft wave swallowed him. I'll too surf to oblivion, an old wheather-battered surfer man said on the eve of the biggest storm in the Pacific basin.

Post a picture of your wave, surfer-man, next time so that i can paint it in my mind and in reality as well;).
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... and in your email

I still don't know what happened to cucaracha.
There must have been one, right?

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My e mail is simple for both but I forgot the passwords for both:), therefore i cannot read them, and anyway don't want to..some kind hacker hacked into them and offered his help with the passwords and still has not come back to me.....:):)

I meant that you could post it with one of your articles here.:):)Okey:)

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