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The Lie Here I go staring into darkness of the land that hasn’t belonged to man ever since. The bus lights have fucked up everything already but noone has ever cared, we’re here to see nothing.

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It was a scary morning.

Painfully shining sun
surrounded by heavy clouds
and the eyes being almost
as strong

Today’s first bit of nicotine
and the voices from
all around

But above all, the incredible
peace of nature

…keep mocking me.


Bus leaves
we pass
the mass
of people
we go home.


Tess came
And told
What was on her mind.

She came,
Laid on the carpet
And told him
She liked it.


She dreamed of bread and mustard.
Oh! The flow of thought.


She with I
 saw the am
 me teeth, legalized!

Jakub Turčan

Jakub Turčan

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