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The silence between the lines

falling easily upon the shot

leaving you

heading for miracle

looking down upon the way

being lost though from the very beginning

the trace faded away

Thank you for not being there

maybe the reason would have appeared

now, there`s nothing waiting

for you to come

all of it is gone

and the silence of two lines

is never the one

that is in between

And everything you couldn`t do

still there

waiting for me to take away

tell me I am wrong

and all these lies will bloom

Veronika Hudáková

Veronika Hudáková

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...what could have been is better than what could never be at all Zoznam autorových rubrík:  zátvorkyPútnik a lukostrelciSparkling eyesv závetríReflectionsSúkromnéNezaradené

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