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You wake up don't need anything. The sun is out behind the curtains, the juice is freshly squeezed on the table and the today's news with a tasty smelling croissant are lying right next to it. What else could you possibly need to be happy in the moment? ...

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It’s one of those days when you tell yourself ‘what should I do to stay in this moment for longer than a moment?’. It’s the time when you feel like even without the sun can be smiley weather & suddenly you become a friend of the umbrellas and raincoats or rain boots with colorful dots all over. It makes you to want to know more, to wonder around longer to invent different shapes, colors and flavors of gummy bears. It’s the day, when you find your old favorite songs and despite listening to it thousand times before it suddenly sounds like a new one. It’s the occasion when you suddenly can be maximally creative again and are able to find an inspiration in everything you see. Even all the actions suddenly make sense without a non-constant analyzing them. All the words disappear and lose their usual importance and no need of anything is urgent. It is the state when you even don’t feel like talking in order to not ruin the magic itself. It’s the situation when you are over-thankful don’t know where or to whom, simply you are. It’s the moment, when you just want to be and you are happy for the fact that you actually really ARE! J

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Thank You for a while finding for my over-talkativeness, inconstant caring & thanks to the world pocket knives' unity too! J

Zuzana Kloknerova

Zuzana Kloknerova

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