abyss dweller met a feller


abyss dweller met a feller
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no matter how

it came together now

it's the passion now

we gotta live with it

or leave it in the shallow ground

the sun is too hot

we won't stand it for long

we gotta look at this image very close

that way we miss the details from afar

we push our bodies onto the canvas

to break through

t'least that's how it once was

come now closer

let us connect in the sunset

I'll take off my glasses

as we emptied the glasses

as we emptied our souls into each others flasks

I'll take of my glasses

So I don't see the traffic coming by

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so I don't see

the coming and going of life

so I don't see the motion of life

and give all my attention to the motion

that's happening right now between us

and I hide you from that traffic

from here they can't see our naked bodies

until you hop into a cab

change of hearts

switching lanes

until then

while it's still the day but we welcome the night

the candles pour their sweat

on you and me

the bed waits

the shower is still going

the doors are wide open

and the wind is blowing

there's nobody inside

we reflect only the light

from our wine glasses

they're empty

but us?

full of tension

I could tense you up as a bow

and shoot us both together

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the pain will keep us in a bundle

a little bit longer

and you wanna remove that arrow so much

even if you know you could die

and it will go someday

but now?

that painful closeness still counts

as love

I drowned the pain in smoke

dulled from what's going on

and its still stuck in my clothes

it still isn't gone

even tho they just lay empty there now

shell's of memories

old war relics

we went all out

and it was worth it

what a nice ride

you went all in

and I tasted every second

didn't miss a single bite

and it bit my soul when it came back

when I realized where I am

what planet is this?

I was too busy

now I have some time to eat myself up

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now now

there's nothing more to eat

I just dwell in my domain again

where you could never join me

the sweet sweet abyss

Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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