I picked you some daisies, here


I picked you some daisies, here
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bend and break your bones for me

shave your horns for me

spike your spine

twist the lost thread around your waistline

my sister

walk right into what's left

into what's mine

into what's me

the page is clear

write me. Write thee

then lick the envelope

could you please?

seal me away into reality

my legs are bored to walk this only road

I try to walk by hands so I write

but my demands grow

as my empty heart growls

the blisters are changing me whole

broken and broke,

the empty bones harken a dull note

take them to your delicate hands

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and beat them

beat beat

the world over it's chest

my delicate drummer of doom

awful alliterations I consume

but they never fill the void


that yearned day comes

and I oversee your hellishly pointed sight

that stabs my eyes

like Oedipus

when by his mothers side pleasure he found

but I've never lost sight of what's right

your bends are so natural

like a tree,

and I'm anticipatingly awaiting the blossom

your sweet cherries

you came right from His hand, ripe

when it rains under your legs

spit and mud

mix them with your tongue

and make me see my angel

the snakes hid under the curtains

they're afraid of you, my saviour

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when you touch me with your flaming fingertip

you type these words into me

letter by letter

and my tongue speaks,

and my heart seeks

to just get closer and closer

you get me closer to god

you are the real deal

I fall asleep, with my heart love-filled

like a roadkill

then when from the asphalt I arise

it's the road that was the destination all along

with this thought I'll find solace in the thought

that you, I'll never find

and I can continue writing sweet silly

meaningless words


"I reached for the stars

to get a look at your eyes"

and I'll keep getting better

so I might write something like

"I reach to you from the dark spaces

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between these letters

I'll cross them out, just to cross your mind"

and I will change, and I will be different

you might see me today

but when we speak, I won't be the same

In melted gold I'll bathe

for my skin and flesh to dissolve

my bones will be the skeleton

of a new shiny coat

golden rings and stones I'll put on

aztec zombies I'll place under my throne

I'll die just to return stronger

every so often

I'll lay all my cards on the table

empty hand

waiting for yours to start the game

Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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