Jane's arc


Jane's arc
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as I turned my skin to stone,

to run away from life

lichen crepped onto me

soft moss covered

protected me from the cold inside

I am a tombstone now, standing proud

my words I can't unsay,

they're written in stone now

Jane came to visit once

propably by accident

read the words

like they weren't written by her

the words are old

cracks in the stone fill with moss and lichen

until they die next season

from my legs deep underneath the earth

I'm rooting for you

my forehead carved open

no blood

only dust from the stones

and maybe from stars

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but more likely from bones

all the caskets in the deep underground intertwine

we share our lives

but parts of mine are too heavy

and too precious for me to just lay out

my dream is to see you eat an apple in the corner of my eye

apple of my eye

and when you'd like to sleep

I'd just close my lids

apple of my eye

fill yourself with yourself

feed in and feed back

with an apple in the morning

what ain't torn yet

now is tearing

I closed the tear deep within

and while it's still open

it's beneath my skin

looking back

I miss your wings

I remember when I read

secret writings in your bones

they were like an enchantment

what I read wrote itself into my core

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words beneath the skin

too precious

to leave them open

to questionable weather

not made to fly

but to gallop

stepped into a life

and stepped right out of

I haven't had the chance to smell the roses

before they got cut

but dear

you might want to put them in water at least

they might survive,

even a minutemore of lifetime

is worth

dry the petals

I do the same

perserve the memories of happiness

while we're still sane

my happiness

your happiness

they might've intertwined in some time

they might not have

while loneliness might've been all we needed

to dance by ourselves


I still felt the thread

of being sole

in the red sand

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the sole thread

while we didn't connect

it had 2 ends

both in our hands

or just stuck to us somewhere

no resistance, this thread is long

didn't realize it was torn

until I was told

should I let go?

now I feel like a fool

a torned thread in my hand...how long?

how did I not notice that?

what a fool

this lone thread would just slow me down

everyone would say

I sew it into my flesh

It's my vessel now

helps my blood to travel

unravel the minds chapters

I never leave someone of importance out

while you were here


within me

a perfect image you can find

you live in here

the thread

a torn chunk from it might be stuck

in your clothes, in your hair

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and it breathes

just like it does

within me

the thread lives

sometimes it sqeezes my intenstines

until I throw up blood and mucus

painful, I feel like my eyes will pop out

I feel like my heart will stop

I feel like I have no place to breath

but sometimes it cleanses

somethings need to go out

others need to stay in

oftentimes I find myself saying

I knew I saw you in those words

cause no image can describe you

quite like a sentence or a paragraph

or a chapter

and all the words I kept here

foolishly buried

I wore you when I was else

...such a gentle soul

feels good around my fingers

but the more it wrapped, the more I stroke

It tore

it may have broke...

I enjoyed it well too much

and the torn ends from the broken fabric

tore my skin with touch

while it was pleasant at first

the droplet of our bonds

filled up a whole new thirst

but to live anew

we needed to dry our throats

of us 1st

I wish I could say it in more words

but I buried them

maybe when I go

they can be resurrected

until then

I'll find some time to occasionally visit them

as you should with the dead

and say some comforting words over them

it wasn't that bad

I'm glad you existed

I saw you choose the black potion

colored your lips with tart

you swalloved up the night

and kissed dreams on their foreheads

one last goodnight

In the morning dew

as they came, they went

hope to be so light one day as well

untill then

ride well Jane, ride well

Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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