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more than the circles

ever wanted to curve

but that's what made them

so violently bent

from whatever it might have ben

like the devil's horns, but crooked

every which way,

hugging each other from different sides

and then growing further away,

the more they touch

the more devil's horns have aged and twisted into antlers

the evil of youth

turned into a trophy

for another

uninvolved party

who has slain the beast

or the prey had just shed it's skin

the prey that's us, the prey that's me

one and the same

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same story

something is knocking from the inside of my skin

its my bones bursting out

trying to get in

it's the bones of this being

the happening that turned into living

now shooting from his arms, legs, chests

and being




,so forgiving

Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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