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/LCD soundbite crashes through the skies

Drop some mentos in mineralwasser,

You're sweet but still your temper flies/

There's love in your eyes,

love in your eyes

but thats just your love of fights.

But you never tell lies,

never tell lies

even in a disguise.

I can see your eyes, or

At least I saw, now

I dont wanna look that far

Even, tho

Stars look better from afar

So make it a surprise

As I look at you through the glass

The spirit's dissapearing

And Im waiting for you to pass it

But its easier for you to pass out

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Why are you nice to me only

When the bottles are empty

And you're standing outside lonely?

As I hold your hair

And rather look away

Your locks wrap around my hand

Like gentle threads of air

Its getting cold

And we're getting old

You should propably wear something other than shorts

And I fall short

As I go on my knees

And protect your legs from the breeze

With some warm breaths

And a gentle kiss

To get some warmth back

Today I won't take you home

So get some long pants

I dont want you to get cold

Please never be cold

You're a star that's pretty far

And the road to you is..


Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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Autor diel. XY to the front to the back to the front to the back to the front https://www.instagram.com/kornel_kyy/ Zoznam autorových rubrík:  NezaradenéSúkromné

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