no one will survive


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it is a fight

but this is not a very violent one,

not to the naked eye

this time, fists and swords are cast aside

a simple touch can burn for a thousand miles

words can create thunderstorms

summon demons from down under

fingers moving through the face

leave a burning mark

a mark of shame

chop them off, cut the hands

cut his tongue, gouge his eyes

burn the fiend

kill his lies

stab him through but it's not enough

he will stand up

his hearth is already full of rust

from all the daggers

and the old tainted blood

if he can't touch you

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if he can't speak

you are safe

maybe for a week

don't turn to him

don't let him in

closer your door

repent from your sin

last option, use his weapons against him

all those sweet words

gather the venom

and hit him, where it hurts

carve out his chest, when he lowers his guard

fill it with his poison,

and it tears him apart

that is how you slay the beast

that is how a haunted soul may again find


Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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