Round 2

Round 2
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I was scared to open up

but now when I can

there's nothing to open

the doors broke straight from the fences

they broke up with the house

and now this temple is withering

or maybe they just slowly

became the wall

and I've become

comfortably numb

what have I become?

just like the painmaker

maybe I should push away

everyone I've ever known

push them all away

anyways I still push them all the time

so what's the difference?

but before I betray everyone I've ever known

I have to switch them up

as a last ditch effort

from lionheart to the toothless pegasus

he's missing an eye, but that one

can still see it a

when I take it out and put it back in

I conceived my new vision


this time I have to be me

but no one has taught me that

so I look in the mirror

and imitate what I see

                              'often imitated,

                               never duplicated'


                                            M. Irror (approx. 4000 BCE)


my reflection cuts me deep

take it easier

let's start from a scratch

like myma told me

clean up my room

I know that will clear my head

apply that shampoo thoroughly

let it seep into my brain

wash rince and repeat

went out from the shower

bought me a few books that might interest

might grease a few rusty gears...

just to put them on the shelf

and tell me they don't look nice there

like a few shiny cards to collect

put away

and never look at again

I try to fill my soul through my mouth

but before I reach enlightenment

the stomach ache drags me back down

to acidic depths

I try to go and visit interesting places

just to go on the same walks

over and over and over again

but there's a place

I haven't visited in a long time

the attic

where my old toys are

chewed up pieces of plastic

the vessels for my childhood stories

the only friends that haven't left me

but I left them

to find new friends

ones that can eventually leave

now I'm left here playing with them

once again

and the plastic dragon flies again

I forgot I was holding him on one hand

he truly flies again

he tells me

come fly with me

help me find my friend

The dragon rider of course!

I cannot tell him this, but I lost him years ago

twas before I took mymom's advice

before I started cleaning my room

But I play pretend

and fly with the dragon

we go through old fields of gold

slowly turning green

getting a bit more color

getting bigger

as I get smaller

we search high and low

while the world has exponentially grown

he looks back

a kid looks at me through his plastic eyes

I found him

he says

and then he truly flies

live forever

my non-decomposable friend

immortalise my memories

poison the earth

with my legacy!

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