When It Rain


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Aint no water

How far im gonna grown

Aint no daughter

the father's gon blow

I would rather blow some smoke

But that would make my father gon broke

Broken people allways see hope

Broken people never let go

Broken, woken

Delete me

Repeat the

Same mistakes

But a different time

And different place

Maybe also a different face

But who knows

The world is small

But till I'm here

Im gonna ball

All in

It's double or nothin

I'm Jon Moxley

Got those Dirty Deeds in my mind when U cross me

Look both ways, when You cross my mind

Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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Autor diel. XY to the front to the back to the front to the back to the front https://www.instagram.com/kornel_kyy/ Zoznam autorových rubrík:  NezaradenéSúkromné

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