you can have all my shine i'll give u the light


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they wanna shed my life

they wanna shed my life

they wanna shed my life

solar flare bursting from my chest

light so bright that I think I'll die

light so blinding my tears are smoke

light so dark make my eyes go blank

blank and yellow

reddish yellow

and as the last of the light leaves

I can see

all is well, in love and peace

hands are crossed

and I'm on my knees

And as I stand

Ancestors, I left your hands

Fathers who fought even further

trail of blood and tears behind their murders

don't come round me


I am your blood

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but I'm not one of you

If this makes me a man

I'd rather be a Fiend

here's my light, I gave up on it

Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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