The Life

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The life. Simple Life. Grows. Goes. It's constantly moving.

The life. Simple Life. Grows. Goes. It's constantly moving. And its up to us to grow with it. We do. Physically. And we decide whether we want to grow mentally. Whether to follow a plan we decided to overtake during this lifetime. We make this decision every day. We know what to do. We just have to focus. Focus. It's your life. The only one you got now. Fulfill it. Enjoy the colors. Enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the serenity. Enjoy the peace in your heart. And seek. Peace. Love. Smile. Understanding. Go deep. Deep within yourself. Deep within your relationships. Don’t stay on surface. Dip in deep and enjoy the depth the life offers you in whatever you do and feel it. If you feel sad, be sad. Go deep. Experience it. That’s why you are here. To know the experience of it all. That’s why you came. To know what it feels like. If you feel lonely. Experience it. If you need to cry, feel the tears. All of them. Let them run. You wanted to feel them while you were with God. He promised you will be able to understand them. When you feel joy, blossom the most. Experience it. Feel God’s presence. Bless your moment. Bless people around you. Be grateful for those moments. It can be the sunrise you see next morning, or the snowflake that takes your breath away by a perfect symmetry. And smile. Your face tells it all. Your eyes speak of your soul. Give advice. Cheer up. Lift the broken one. Rejoice. Be supportive. Laugh with the happy ones. Bless your mum and dad. Tell them of your gratitude. Pray for them. You are them. Their genes. You continue their work. Life as it is. So beautiful. So simple. So giving. So enriching.

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