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Insufficiency of feedback is regularly a part of team problems.

The core of the problem is often in people's attitude toward giving feedback. You always have to be self-confident enough to "attack" somebody's picture of himself. And when that person is not mature enough to receive it - he can react in a way that is killing feedback culture. Art of receiving feedback is even more difficult as giving it.

What exactly you must try to achieve? Phase in team when everybody is competent in feedback giving. Everybody is asking for feedback and reacts positively on it or doesn't show any reaction at all. After each important situation members of the team give feedback to each other.

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But this phase must be proceeded by big motivation of everyone in the team to achieve this. There is also hardly any other way of learning to receive feedback then to receive plenty of it. But when all of this happens you will gain a powerful and valuable tool, which will lead you to the success. Feedback is actually one of the conditions for reaching synergic effect of the team. 

So it's not a rocket science, but primary proper attitude and motivation that will build the way . . .

Why to give feedback?

Feedback is a tool for conflict prevention, individual and organizational growth. Others are better observers of our behavior then us alone.

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How to give feedback?

You must concentrate on concrete behavior of an individual. Person giving feedback must be a direct observer of the situation. Second-hand feedback is too inaccurate and doesn't meet with enough confidence. Give feedback on time - usually the best time is after meeting or at the end of observed situation.

Don't speculate by adding any additional comments or implications and try to keep the balance between negative and positive feedback (hamburger effect). 

Mistakes in giving feedback

"You are lazy" - it's not a feedback, but criticism. Subjective and does not reflect concrete behavior

"You are doing things slowly" - again doesn't reflect concrete behavior

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How it should be

  • "I appreciate that you were working on our web page whole Wednesday"

  • "I didn't like that you said that we should forget about tidying-up"

  •  "When you were presenting during meeting you were using some expressions too often, for example: ... "

What is supporting a feedback culture?

  • Giving feedback in a proper way

  • Asking for feedback

  • Not reacting on a feedback or reacting positively

Member of the team not giving feedback on negative behavior of other member is also responsible for its consequences

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