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The secret of success is to love what you do. Many people think that you were born with a pool of things that you like and hate and you are not able to change it. Your job is only to discover what you like.

It's not like that, although you are born with many predispositions and your environment is affecting you, you still have the power to change your attitude towards everything. That power is in your greatest weapon - your mind.

And key to all attitudes lies in subconscious. The subconscious is more than simply the aspect or aspects of the mind of which we are not directly conscious or aware. 

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It contains whishes, thoughts and imaginations. In long-term scale subconscious is reflecting your way of thinking. And vice-versa your thoughts come from your subconscious - that's why it is difficult to change way of thinking. 

Your emotional attitude towards activities, things and persons comes from your long-term way of thinking about them, it comes from your subconscious.

Non-consistent thinking can result into contradictory feelings and attitudes toward the same things.

So what do to with it?

  1. Avoid negative formulations

  2. Avoid conditionals - If I were ... If I have... (It nearly the same as "I'm not able to achieve this, because...")

  3. The best time to influence your subconscious is before sleeping away and when waking up - try to influence your thoughts during this time in desired way

The most important power that you have is the power of your mind. It's the key to your happiness and success. A weak mind can make from you a prisoner of your own negative thoughts

Marian Jánoš

Marian Jánoš

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