Finland, here I come

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The route was unimaginable, you know, the moment, the feelings. You will go, have to go but simply there is no understanding for you, in your inside. You just pack your things with a numb feeling and do all what you are supposed to. The same time there is no idea of you, what to expect, you have heard something and been written something from your accompanions, but the moment, when you step from the ground and take a seat in a plane or into a bus, you simply cannot still know, what goes. All you got, is the calm feeling in your mind that you go, you go on a venue.

Mine has looked like this, hell, yea - nearly 2,500 kilometers. 

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The starting day was at 02. 01. 2015, accompanies with all the feelings and numbness I have desribed to you. I did realize that I am really going somewhere when I have reached Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and went on a lunch, accompanied with my mother (hey mom, the call yday was allright I hope ur allright - meh, just joking ;) )

I weren't happy, I weren't scaried, I just were - ffs, the best feeling I suppose I could have. That is, as it should be. Waiting for a train, looking upon my stuff, what I have forgot or I have not (I did found out a crapload of stuff - but, what does it matter - man, you 'r goin on a such trip you will never forget.

I finish my meal, look out of the window, think of all what has happened up to now since summer. Crazy times. Mad situation right now, compared to what was happening in summer - I could not imagine back then, that the main priority of this day for me is to reach Brno and go on to Tampere.

I did, the clock has hit 12:00, we stand up, thank for the lunch the service and leave with a small tip. As I go, I realize that it is the last time I could have spoken to mother, just for the next 5 months and who knows what shall come then. I felt allright with it, really valued the presence of her. Such moments make us think in a different way - to travel and explore, hell, how it is important. 

We moved, took the train, standed in a corridor for a while (y, places for a sit were sold out, she didnt matter, so I did not, she laughted - it did remember her of going to Prague when she was young as me - what a difference). We share the corridor with some gypsies and different kinds of people, young travelers and so on. Well, to travel on the 02. of jaunuary has its pecularities.

It was strange what all has showed to my mind. I always loved the way from Bratislava to Brno, I have traveled by there for nearly four years, through the region I was raised in and born in, just to reach my university and responsibilities. It gave my a different an unique view on the area, I watched it from distance, thought about its problems and... just went in a sort of a flow, you may know what it means. As I was doing it right now, I have senced a peculiar memories of myself connected to the area, don't think or look upon me as being silly, but it has really been as a flash of memories, a flash which consists of all the gathered experience in myself for all the years I have spent here, what I have enjoyed, loved, suffered or otherwise lived, so did. If somebody would ask me that moment, who I am, I could say him directly. What's interesting, I have mostly thought of my father and what is sure, about the whole family and who I would like to be, when I come back. My sense for responsibility did not left me even on a such route.

We cross Morava, we are so close. This time it went madly fast. It felt like a flash, I had so much to think about, but likewise to speak about. I have tried to cheer my mother up for a few time, as she is, as always and maybe all, too carefull (not in the meaning of being safe, but in the meaning of being full of care for others). I have thought all the route of the times when I did dissapoint her, such thoughts are sometimes a pain.

We reach Brno, for this time, it felt different. It felt ok. But I got a things to deal with in here. I have promised to send a one postcard (hey Eva, by this time, you should have it :) ), buy some late stuff (y, that are the things I have said that I do miss) and prepare myself to be in a calm state. I did, I arranged the post matters, missed my bank - but who cares, we have e-mails and mobile phones to deal the matters inbetween us and people, or institutions. 

It was as I am, sometimes late and expressive, the stay in Brno was about sorting and dealing not that important stuff, but on the last time, shopping... and the most recent buying of additional luggage and a pair of in-door shoes from a Vietnamesse at bus station, where I did pay with euros instead of paying in czech krones. That is something I love, state whatever you want, set a rule, but if there is a willingness and good nature inbetween people, there is a way how to overcome a small trouble if we wish to and the target is honest. Cheers to that guy, otherway I might not be able to finish this blog with so warmth upon my feets.

What I see? The bus is allready there. Looks so tiny, but that is the way I choosed, I think of myself for a while as a too adventurous, well, you do and you are what you do, I'gotta go... Mom asks, where she may back then, when I do leave, buy tickets, I definetly say that I got to show it to her so she does not worry where to find it and got all the necessary information, she did a small protest that we are here because of me, but I refuse, we go there and look for it. I show, we go, we walk, we reach the bus.

Ok, what I see, is this, what follows, you get to know in the next article. There is so much to mention and so much not mentioned yet. The last I have seen my dog, friends, father, shaking my hand with brother, uncle... seeing the last time yellow color of my home... the journey has had started. 


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