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It is real that Stefan Harabin has been elected to the presidency of this republic's highest court.

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It is now clearer that there is no enforceable law and no enforceable Constitution.

Given life by Vladimir Mečiar, the Republic appears to be empty. And again we see why our people have for so long been that which they have been: fathers trying to understand concepts which higher humans understand, failing and then doing everything they can to hold down the next generation.

The poet Charles Bukowski is often misinterpreted as a thick and vulgar man. In some of his writing, such as in the short poem “A Challenge to the Dark”, it is possible to see that this is a superficial conclusion. A segment of the abovementioned poem reads:

SkryťVypnúť reklamu
Článok pokračuje pod video reklamou

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass
shot like a flower in the dance

amazing how death wins hands down
amazing how much credence is given to idiot forms of life

amazing how laughter has been drowned out
amazing how viciousness is such a constant


To me this piece is a favourite because it lives. The rhythm rolls hard and then soft, followed by emotion. In the end Bukowski wins because he refuses to accept shit.

Since 2004 every Slovak citizen is also a European citizen (the Treaties of Rome established European citizenship in 1957 and the European Court of Justice, a legitimate tribunal, confirmed it on numerous occasions). Your employment, your rights, your legitimacy; they are not dependent on anyone. Nor is your identity because Slovak people existed long before 1993.

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