Carbon Capture and Storage is a concept via which carbon dioxide is separated from a source of pollution and collected, or captured, before it is pumped underground, into deep subterranean cavities. Thus the concept aims to reduce atmospheric CO2.

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How relevant is CCS to my life?

You as well may have received an email concerning European Parliament activity. It reveals that Zita Pleštinská ranks 120 out of 765 evaluated MEPs - not bad for a representative from a newly established democracy - Anna Záborská ranks 163 and Irena Belohorská ranks 264.

And that's about it so it's a good thing Slovakia has women in politics.

I think decisions emerge from a confluence of confused people; a biological mass of networks that interact until a sufficiently diverse group find the right wavelength, like ants or bees.

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Random fact: In North American culture, end of university is perceived as the end of a life - hence frat parties, at which students are supposed to get craziness and sex out of their system.

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