zaujmavosti a linky na volny cas

uz dlho neboli co ? megapost po dlhom case, (dial up killer :))

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18 Tricks to Teach Your Body

Arborsculpture World Tour Starts Here

Firefox Sidebar + Google IG = Useful on any platform

jedlo na zamyslenie

Food for thought

obr.galeria Scorpions Yup...scorpions. They were skewered alive in front of me in China, then dropped in boiling oil, where they cook almost instantly.
ako na to?

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Článok pokračuje pod video reklamou

najhorsie kerky sveta

sprievodca fobiami online

a co toto?

a toto?

lsd online

sialene bikes 



8 rocna objavila v sebe talent (teda toto je asi posledne cislo talentu v 8 rokoch :))))

The Prince of Peace, age 8

The Planted Eyes, age 8

The Journey , age 9

len tak

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analog audio tape cassette nostalgia

Home About Tapedeck About audio tapes Send us your Tapes select quality » metal chrome ferro select playing time » 30 60 90 100 120 select brand » Agfa BASF Denon Fuji Maxell ORWO Philips Sony TDK That's other is a project of, built to showcase the amazing beauty and (sometimes) weirdness found in the designs of the common audio tape cassette. There's an amazing range of designs, starting from the early 60's functional cassette designs, moving through the colourful playfulness of the 70's audio tapes to amazing shape variations during the 80's and 90's. We hope you enjoy these tapes as much as we do!
The compact audio cassette medium for audio storage was introduced by Philips in 1963 under the name Compact Cassette. Although there were other magnetic tape cartridge systems at the time, the Compact Cassette became dominant as a result of Philips' decision (in the face of pressure from Sony) to license the format free of charge. It went on to become a popular (and re-recordable) alternative to the vinyl record deck during the 1970s. During the 1980s, its popularity grew further as a result of the Sony Walkman, with cassette sales overtaking those of LPs. (Vinyl overall remained ahead due to greater sales of singles, although cassette singles achieved popularity for a period in the 1990s).

The mass production of compact audio cassettes began in 1965 in Hanover, Germany, as did commercial sales of prerecorded music cassettes (also known as musicassettes; MC for short). The system had been initially designed for dictation and portable use, thus the audio quality of early recorders was not well suited for music. Some early models also had unreliable mechanical design. As time went on, various improvements (in particular, the introduction of Dolby noise reduction) resulted in the format being taken seriously for musical use.

Although its use in the West has declined as a result of more advanced technologies, it remains widespread, and is still the dominant medium for listening to music in many third world countries.

In essence, the audio cassette is simply a cassette-based (and smaller) version of the older reel-to-reel tape format. It consists of two miniature reels, between which an oxide-coated plastic tape, or magnetic tape, is passed and wound. These reels (along with some other mechanical parts) are held inside a protective plastic shell.

Four single audio tracks are available on the tape. These are paired to produce two stereophonic tracks – one played when the cassette is inserted with its 'A' side facing up, and the other when it is turned over (with the 'B' side up), thus mimicking gramophone records.

(Source: Wikipedia, right here. Wikipedia Copyright stipulations apply.)
Have you got some cool audio tapes lying around? Send us a picture then, we'd love to get e-mail from you!

Please take a picture of your tape on white background from straight above without using a flash. The tape should measure about 800x600 pixels on the image. Please try to use as little JPG compression as possible (quality 10 or better when saving from Photoshop) and send the files to

Great, thanks a lot!

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cas grilovaciek sice koncii...


blog o piercingu a tattoo


CD-changing Lego® robot

Useful Firefox Security Extensions

Google's unknown artist has huge following

Dennis Hwang has been drawing Google's logos since 2000.

Does the US suck at design?

The Difference Between the US and.... dost nebezpecne cestovanie

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Nájdi/pridaj bankovku

Ak máš bankovku pred sebou, opiš z nej sériové číslo do tohto poľa a my vyhľadáme údaje o nej v našom systéme. Ak sa bankovka v našom systéme ešte nenachádza, budeš môcť ju ako prvý do systému vložiť Previously-mentioned Windows virtualization tool Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 has been released as a free download (from ~$130). Postavte a naprogramujte si svojho robota Ten Cool Summer Cocktails
Air Mail

DMC's DIY paper lunch bag CD covers...

urob si sam, obaly na cd z papierovych sackov

a co toto?

 kultura nigerie v obrazkoch

How I Finally Defeated Dandruff

na lupiny s detskym samponom

Google free proxy!

Hidden Google Video Categories

High speed photo

urob si sam

iColorFolder Download Section

Download iColorFolder

infrared fotografie (oblubene)

Internet v roku 1996

izraelsko libanonske pocitadlo :( Israel: 163
UN: 4
Canada: 8
Lebanon: 1000

zebra vs. lev (video)

Star Wars On Earth

toto chcem mat doma :)


ako si zjednodusit komunikaciu via sms

SMS (Text-Messaging) Shorthand for Geeks Using Server Response Codes

[FRIEND] is there any parking outside the place? did you find any?
[YOU] 404

vlastna cocacola

komixy ako kostry

Marvin the Martian



a co takyto street art?

miss vaznice

Miss Hoosegow 2006

When I first started posting the comely mugshots of selected arrestees from Des Moines' Polk County Jail (h/t State 29), I had no idea so many readers shared my fascination with caged pulchritude. To commemorate the anniversary of this popular feature, I think it's finally time to select the official Hawkeye Hoosegow Honey of the Year. ....



Mravenci jsou velice podivuhodní tvorové. Velice se o ně zajímám, a tak jsem si zařídil vlastní formikárium

ako doma

najhorsie MySpace designs


Marco Evaristti’s Ice Cube Project.

Artist Marco Evaristti needed 790 gallons (3,000 liters) of red paint, three fire hoses, two icebrakers, a twenty-man crew, and two hours to paint an iceberg in the Ilulissat Fiord, Greenland in 2004.

Evaristti said: "It’s so poetic, it looks like a red pea"


tomuto by sa dal priradit osobitny clanok :) uplne super!

lodicky, velmi jednoducho

sprav si svoj nazov knizky

OPEN SOURCE PRODUCTSějte slovník ve svém prohlížeči.   Stáhněte si Seznam Lištičku pro Firefox


Stop time

tampon art

Letny strih?

fuha, toto video nezmeskajte

Nokia Dct4 Code generator

a co toto? uz nikdy neumyjem riad?

ked sa grafici nudia

Online úschovny – vyzkoušejte alternativy k e-mailům s přílohou

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