From the collective garden in Tirana, Albania

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Arancha is the EU Aid Volunteer in Albania and this is already her 2nd deployment at organisation NCCS in Tirana. She has shared some updates on how her activities are proceeding.

"It has been a long time since the last time I wrote and I want to do it now because I feel everything is moving much more than some weeks ago. With the arrival of spring people seem more active, the days are longer and the lockdown exeptions have changed from 6h-20h to 6h-22h so we have more time to carry on the activities we are preparing.

More people are still coming to join Arancha in the community center with her micro-project.
More people are still coming to join Arancha in the community center with her micro-project. 

At the community center we have visited new patients and even some of the ones who were not able to come anymore due to the pandemic are back to continue with their treatment. We have been trying different techniques since we received some new materials and tools for the treatments. In addition, the current health situation with Covid-19 has been improving during the past months and thenumber of new cases per day has decreased (30-50), also a lot of vaccines are arriving to the country and more than 20% of the population is vaccinated, which makes people less afraid to get infected. Even so, we always remind our beneficiaries the importance of continuing protection from the virus.

The fact that it has been warm is good for the garden which is growing fast so there are more things to be done. The participants are taking care of the garden every day, not only during the session days. They are very motivated and we have been carrying on activities like planting, watering, recycling bottles for making plant pots, cleaning the area, building fences for the parcels, documentary screening, some stretching and physiotherapy exercises. But it has also been relaxing. I love the relationship we are creating with the participants of the garden and the others of the community center. We usually take breakfast together after work and we have the opportunity of sharing stories, experiences, concerns or expectations about specific topics.

Arancha has regular breakfast with the participants of her micro-project.
Arancha has regular breakfast with the participants of her micro-project. 

Also during this period I have been lucky to count on people who were helping me with the project.
Some volunteers came just for some activities like painting, planting and spending time together with
the participants, some have helped me bringing the materials and tools to the center any time I needed. I also rely on one volunteer who has been taking pictures of the whole process and managing different activities with me. Thanks to this I have gained more experience in dealing with the preparation of the gardening sessions, coordinating the volunteers and other different tasks, thinking in advance about the materials for every session and the time of implementation, improvising new activities or changes every time we had an unexpected event.

I also have been working a lot on the communication between beneficiaries, staff of the center, my host
and sending organisation and trying to maintain a routine for raising the visibility of the

For the moment we will continue with those activities and thinking about new ones. I feel really happy
that I was able to stay in Albania and prepare this micro-project." 

Author: Arancha Ferrer de la Cruz

EU Aid Volunteer

The article was written on May, 15th, 2021. Stay tuned! The news on progress of Arancha's deployment in Albania coming soon!


Arancha is an EUAV volunteer in Albania, being hosted by NCCS organisation. Her deployment is a part of the project ‘Sustainable Development through Humanitarian Aid Volunteers 3 (SuDHAV3)’.The project is funded by the European Commission under EU Aid Volunteers Programme, managed by The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in cooperation with The European Commission’s Directorate-General Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) and The European Commission’s Directorate-General Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO). ADRA Slovakia is her sending organisation. Follow our Facebook to see how Arancha is doing in her current deployment.

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