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Dont wanna see u again

But still wanna kill ur man

Cut out his brain

And flush it down the drain

Maybe you will say Im insane

Old news

Got gasoline in my veins

Dont open up my heart

The fire tears u apart

Aint no rain gon save you

Im a demon, once I was ur saviour

St. Vincent

Since I'm wincing like an innocent

Say more

Or say none

Say something that makes me leave my body

All that said, must admit U still a hottie

Hate that sound but I will hear You

Break that bond but I still wear You

All those words

All those things

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Round my heart

it kinda stings

Got a stinger In my veins

Got a spike running through my brain

It messes up those evil toughts

It does not make me think bout all those broads

Be mine

While we have time

I might write a gentle line

Then might pull out your lovers spine



Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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