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On the 23rd day

Will you show me the way

Before, in the golden grass I lay

My Ameley

Before I start to wear

In the 23rd year

Will you

Be here

My Loreley

All these names I wrap you in

Its the silk around your skin

Will you

Find warmth

In this black and white cloth

Will you find my words

Worth your hurt

Every piece of dirt

That you threw at my place

I will take this cloth, and clean them from your face

With a gentle pace

So our hearts will start to race

At the

Same time

My little Versaylles

Golden gates

Your pretty firm legs

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And above


The city in the skies

I would like to pass

But in front

The gates they bless

me, and tangle

Around my hearth

What a surprise

See your breath on the moon

My little Lune

But the day comes too soon

I dont wanna move

23 years

Till my soul eclipsed

With your light

Your so light

When you sit on top of my heart

Looking the other direction

The moon gives me your reflection

And still

You smile

The mirrors dont lie

I beg You turn my way

My Ameley

My Loreley

Dont have much time

Lets make it count

And leave everyone out

Lets dance

Till the wrinkles dont turn our hands

Into bony rubber bands

And the seas

Of the dark

Tear us apart

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My Sufyan from the east

Who slayed the beast

So my hearth could feast

In these lines

You find no lies

My sun in the skyes

Kornel Krakovský

Kornel Krakovský

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