Iceland NJUUUS 78, or Northern lights a la Johnny

hm... time flies when you're having fun. Nevertheless you need to also catch up with the rest of people... In my case, I'm going to share with you what I have NEVER seen in my life before. Trip to Iceland. Actually I (we - me and 2 of my colleagues) wanted to see the Northern lights.

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If you want to see the Northern lights in Northern hemisphere, it has to be in winter, right?
If you want to see them better, you should go there if the moon is somewhat hidden on the other side of our planet.
If you want to see them at all, you go there, when the skies are clear.
If you want to see them, you don't have to go to Iceland...

We did fly to Iceland, and we did fly there in winter...


Bit of Health and Safety.

Things you need to watch out for:
On gravel roads, you need a 4x4 vehicle.
We didn't have one.
Didn't stop us.

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You might not notice it, until your car is one set of wheels of the road, the other set on ice and there is melting of it elsewhere creating mud bath.
That did happen to us.
Didn't stop us either.

You really need to watch out for the wind.
If not, you might get blown out of the road (there is a traffic sign for that too).
If not, you might just lose your vehicle doors or other parts of it.
You might get blown away.
Didn't stop us either.

Bit of logic:
They also say that you should not piss against the wind.
Well, you would be my hero if you would take it out facing the wind in the first place. But you should also not piss facing a small bush or hedge with the wind in your back.
Now here is very interesting observation...
Which I realised later, when I saw waterfalls beating the rules of gravity with wind curling up...
Moral of the story: it pays off to walk with a tissue.

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There is much to say and much to show, but I would put it this way:
I have never seen wind to mess up my sense of gravity.
I have never seen drop (of any kind) to take off from the ground and disappear in distance.
I have never seen all of the yearly seasons to take place in 1 hour in circle of 20 km.
I would recommend to visit, but don't forget: High Tatras are High Tatras. ;)

And what happened to the Northern lights?
Well, the evenings you spend in local bars are full of lights, but not the one we were chasing.
To our defence, there was too much of cloud cover, full moon and far too many beautiful women in those bars.

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Till next time.

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