Norway fjords NJUUUS 66, a wedding over the polar circle (english)

In Slovakia, the situation is as it is, sun rising and setting and I need to chill out, go to nature. What could be better as hike in almost neverending day? Spain is hot, France is boring, in Slovakia too expensive... we go Norway. Over the polar circle in august... like for nerds and fools. How does a wedding look like.... No need to say. How does a norway wedding look like? The same as in Slovakia, only without the games.... Church, dinner, dance, hangover.. How does a slovak-norway wedding look like? ... Hell, like in Slovakia...... But why do I need to eat Slovak cheese and cookies in Oslo?.... still a mystery.

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Some facts first:

1. Going Norway, over polar circle, in August, ... not a good idea, you will not sleep. Darkest is at 0200 AM, as in Slovakia 2000 (0800 PM) in August.

2. To make sure, we need to save money, we travel by hitchhike. The whole way.

2a. To save more money.... little or nothing will be eaten.

3. few days ago, that idiot killed over 90 people.

4. I believe in good weather and my pretty smile.

Interesting stuff:

To wake up upon the engine of helicopter is not very pleasant, especially, if sleeping in forbidden area.

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Global warming is bitch. Had the glacier stayed at that spot, I could have travelled in straight line, didn't have to go up and down.

If you sit in Trondheim on a bench, they will come... and take it apart.

To look happy is sometimes a problem, especially if in 5 minutes, there is a storm over your head. But then, the hichhike will pay off.

Murphy's law: you will pass a mountain quest over 5 km, sometimes almost vertically, you will jump boulders big as a small cow, but you will sprain your ancle on a grass of 4 cm tall.

Whale meat is a hybrid between beef and liver.

What I have learned:

1. even though I do not speak norwegian, I can communicate about fishing, fish farming, extinguishing fires, training peplpe, education, building safe roads, politics, economics (normally don't have a clue), eating, cooking and killing.

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2. to chase a mosquito in a tent.... with sharp knife in hand... not a brightest idea

3. mount a 70° steep hill (boulders included) with only a small lamp that works as a dynamo (therefore need to always charge it with both hands) will teach you how to swear in Norwegian. I am finaly buying the head lamp.

What was pissing me off?

My sandals were making insupportable squeaking noise.... the whole way.

Needed, but little boring stuff :

Thanks first:

For the stops I want to thank following persons (in order of appearance)

Frank Johnny and familly N

Daniel and Alicia PL

Unknown couple of students (wrong direction) N

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Scott N

Asle N

Bjorn N

Unknown lade with 4 kids N

Stein N

Knut (also for good advices on the mountains) N

Unknown couple of retired people N

Jan-Erik and Suzi D

Unknown man N (wrong direction)

Unknown woman N (wrong direction)

Caroline and Kevin GB

Karl and Peter N

Unknown couple of retired people F

Mišo and Katka (Topoľčany = my home town) SK

Lilian with husband N

Dag N

Dag N ( ;o) - second time)

Stefan and Nelle D

Unknown driver of bus N

John N

Gunnar N

Unknown students N

Unknown man N

John-Gregor N

Guillaume F (last day in Oslo - not a hitchhike)

Historical events:

Maybe little boring, but need to say it...

Sunday after wedding, near Tromso, all of us remaining guests eat the rests of whale. Some of them preparing for journeys home, me packing my backpack for first hitchhike. Some of guests are taking clothes of other guests ;)

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All are half asleep, well, go to sleep everyday at 0200, and try to be awake. ;) Mobile = camera charged, my karma also, positivelly, just hope that also the drivers will notice. Familly of groom will take my first 350 km south.

Lofoten, Svolvaer. Mountains so sharp, you cannot cross over. Tried 2 times = 2 days, will catch next hichhike another 350 km to Fauske.

First time in camping. Then little walking, next hitchhike for 250 km to Mosjoen. Bit food, next ride to HELL, Trondheim (360 km).

Sleep on the hill (inclined), morning ride to and from town. 180 km hike to Sunndalsora. Take advice, go throught hills instead of fjord to Andalsnes. Pays off, nice country, 2 rides to waterfalls in Mardalsfossen. Evening hitchhike of a caravan for 70 km to Andalsnes.

Sleep by railway, really noisy, by foot 21 km to mount Trollstigen, height difference 700 m over the whole day, 40 km ride to ferry to Geiranger. Sleep in woods.

20 km ride to town, descent by car, ascend again (shit) by foot. 400 m difference, mercy have two Slovakians from home town. 90 km to Lomu. Stupid me, wrong direction, back before storm hits me 60 km. Walk old road Grotli - Stryn (moon country), only few minutes, hitchhike 70 km and 5 min later again (same man), 20 km.

Sleep, 10 km walking, before the glacier, I get a ride for 2 days 300 km with breaks: glacier, waterfals, campsite, fishing, city of Bergen. Night hike over mountains to Borgratraeet, pay ticket to Indre Arna, don't pay for another to highway. 70 km ride to Voss and an hour later (longest hitchhiking) 200 km ride to Gol.

Last camp in woods, then 200 km ride to Oslo. Alltogether it was plus mínus 3000 km in 11 days.


together 29 drivers had the courage to stop, from that

23 Norwegian, one of them twice, also one local bus with passengers

2 German

1 Polish

1 English

1 French

1 Slovak from hometown

I was taken by 4 cars less, because the direction was not always good.

Hail the voyages ;)

PS: Voyages on holidays is not really my cup of tea, but since then I love Norway

PS2: Bride doesn't like those Slovak cookies, you know but her familly keeps on forgetting that. so I needed to finish them along with the cheese

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