Tourist point of view San Francisco NJUUUS 70, or some background

If you really need to go and see a conference, why not the biggest and why not go furthest possible. If you really need to go to America, why not to the other side. I obviously had a good luck, because Frisco resembles the most European cities and the transition was not so bad. Nevertheless, there are some things, which are definitely not the same.

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  • you drive on right hand side

  • streets are soooo long, they turn only where the globe is rounding (we know, we can put only small square on a surface of a cube)

  • Frisco is build on pile of waste and that pile is BIIIIG

  • if you want to go from one end of the street to the other one, either you'll sweat a lot, or you'll walk a lot

  • ergo: pay attention where you step, the stairs are not always so visible

  • in state of California, it is legal to smoke weed, if you have permit from the doctor


  • Americans are supposedly fat

  • not true, as said before, it is similar to european cities

  • on the other hand, there is abundance in food and the ratio quantity/price (cannot judge quality as who knows what I am eating at home...) is to favour of price, actually half of what I am used to

  • finally I got big french fries in McD...

  • on the other hand.... Pumpkin Milkshake is disgusting

  • they say that repeating is the mother of wisdom, laziness is the father ... so besides the usual iPhones, the advances in technology are well spotted on the beach, where people have a device to pick up and throw a ball to a dog, on morning walk, therefore you don't have to bend 70 cm, but only 20

  • at some time in history, if you walked to a hospital claiming you are not able to walk, you'll get a free wheelchair

COOL Jobs:

  • my favourite is the Bridge patrol, driving up and down the Golden Gate bridge

  • I saw it 6 times during my time on bridge

  • homelessness (is the highest in states, I have heard)

  • they just stand, sit, lay on ground and if someone shouts: "Black and White!", the street is for 10 seconds free of them, while the police car passes

How I almost shit myself.

Some time around the midnight, you go to your hotel. You already got used to the fact, that there is load of homeless people. Also the fact, that my hotel was in the possibly worst district (Tenderloin), is only noticeable from 0800 AM to 0300 AM. But if there is a hooded person crossing your path, mounting to the BIGGEST Jeep Grand Cherokee, black colour, polished so you can see reflection of your bones... you'll not guess two nuns, middle heights, finishing their community duty.

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If I already talk about the cars... , I believe recently that Chevrolet Cruze, biggest limousine of that mark sold in Slovakia .... is a big car. Well... in comparison with the other ones seen there... I think it is a small car to ride the city.

I tried to drink american water, I am still alive. I also washed my socks in it, they are still in one piece... although I have my doubts there, as there was no luggage waiting for me at arrivals... Maybe it has eaten also some other suitcases that were also missing.


Jetleg is fun... You wake up at 0100 AM, and have the feeling it is lunch. In Frisco there is big unbalance between rich and poor people. So it depends on your situation, but.... the richest wake up, eat nice breakfast, board their nice, big, fast cars and go to work. Middle class, if have time... eat. Go to catch the bus. The poor class, wakes up, dusts off the street dust, jump on their skateboard and go beg to the next street, where is lot of the middle class ones.

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If you combine the wheelchair, permit to smoke weed, number of homeless people and no-barrier-sidewalks.... you'll get a smelly old man at 0800 AM, how he is trailing on his electrical wheelchair, on the crosswalk.... on the stop sign.... with the joint in his hand, smiling and singing and trying to slalom the zebras....

Finally a thought: How to stay in America, legally and maybe almost for free? Well, probably you can try to assault a driver of a bus, wait for the police to arrive and go to prison. After the five years, maybe you'll get a green card. :P

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