Dating NJUUUS 76 or what good can come out of honesty.

Hi there, I promised, therefore I am back. But to be back I don't have to promise... Actually I have come to a strange conclusion:If there is a woman in my life, I don't blog.If there isn't one, I keep on thinking and I somehow channel my thoughts into NJUUUS. So now.... what has changed?Well... I promised! Therefore I am back! Now... about that time I dated three girls at the same time.

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In the spirit of the NJUUUS, I should write something like this:
Once upon a time...
I dated three girls!
Thank you for you attention and till the next time.


But hey... that would be very short... so let me elaborate on that!

I got lot of reactions actually.

Some of them were cheerful, some of them almost threatening.
Guess which is coming from what direction...
I would generalise into two groups. Men, and Women.

Guys would like to know, how the hell did I pull that off. Gals mainly noticed my remark about my emotional immaturity and three out of them were scared that they would appear in my blog. Ladies... (those three)... it is not about you.

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Gentlemen have died out, but I would like to think about myself as one of the few surviving. Therefore, I was not going to talk about details of those dates, but few girls were veeeeery emotional and started to bullock me even before I wrote something... (well, gives me something to write about now :P )

To the GUYS:
One thing you have to do is:
Be honest about it.
Or don't but it will burst open one day!

To the GALS:
It is not only you who can date several guys at the same time.
And even though we are 'chasing' you, we already know that it is you who decides at the end...
So why not make it bit more difficult for you ;)

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To both groups:
I know it sucks, but life is too short to be fantasising about one person, who might be in love with your best friend...

You like the girl?
Really like her?
Ask her out!
Be yourself!
If she says NO, you will ask another one later!
She actually did you a favour and it will save you lot of energy.

You like the guy?
Go out with him!
You don't like the way he is approaching you?
Give him a chance...
He might be scared shitless. (this might be his first date after reading this blog!)

Negatives and positives of dating few to several people:
this is rather tough one.

I will not go into the possible scenarios, but I will just give my opinion:

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It is rather exhausting at the end of the day.

1. You have to remember, what each person likes. (lot of your energy)
2. And this is especially true (if you want to consider yourself at least an average or good 'lover') if the girls likes e.g. kissing the neck, or ears, holding the hands, type of the humour she likes.... - not saying you have to sleep with them straight away!
3. You have to remember, what topics were discussed with each person, and preferably their opinions on that. (even more energy)
4. You have to avoid topics mentioning and including the other dates. (drains the energy from both of you)

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If you are somehow strangely similar to me, in my opinion, you cannot continue this for a long time, but it gives you more chances to actually meet someone that you really like and that will like you back and you might be compatible at the end of the whole story.

You can have fun time, refreshing good conversations and even though you are not transmitting saliva and other body fluids at the end of the date.

Well before you 'settle' down, you might have to 'break up' with the ones that were not as promising as some of the others and start new ones rather often...
When you are ready to settle down, depending on what your initial goal was, you might have to limit your next dates. Or they might slide into friendly meetings.

If you are, on the other hand, looking for occasional shag, it might be also fun and it might also work, but it would probably not last for very long time with each partner... (my opinion). In any case this blog is probably not for you anyway!

So my conclusion:
It is fun, but it drains you, because you have to reset your energy everytime for a new person and you are not advancing anywhere with any of them. (Unless both of the parties are interested only in the physical part of your relationship)

To both parties again:
Would you rather not want to have a person that fits you the best?

To everybody (both parties and anybody else):
Till the next time!

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