How to resist a beautiful woman NJUUUS 69

These NJUUUS are for men.But women ... will have a look anyway... So, first thing is to think, why do we need or needn't resist a beautiful woman ... If it stands ...... to reason ... to resist. Well... next few examples will hopefully shed some light.

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Scenario 1.

We go dancing salsa and there is a woman who obviously need our attention and presence ... by all dances: bachata, salsa, kizomba and half an hour doesn't move from our side. Slow salsa is more exciting than a dirty dancing, bachata is so hot just because there is no room between our bodies and kizomba ... our right leg between hers, her thigh between ours, we see all the curves of her body, ... when she makes a wave, squirrels fall from trees and music gets somehow so slow, we feel our heart pumping in our throat... sweat from her breasts is mingling with our sweat...

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Well, then we go for a drink and before she puts her glass down, we are already on the dancefloor with another girl.

Scenario 2.

Let's go shoot some balls. On the table. Only in the way she is handling the cue, hints to the endless explication from our side as to how to do it properly. When she then, leans over the table, we just simply don't care about the balls, if it is our turn, or if it is the right ball.

There is only one thought that is running in our heads... how to explain to her that she is holding a delicate utensil and doesn't need to chop into the table. After a while, it is plainly clear that her objective is to hold her tight, with the cue... and if we don't want to pay for the destruction of the table, we will need to navigate some of the shots together.

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Body on body, hand on hand, she is hindering our explanations, clearly she is enjoying every single moment of it. We chop together. When she looks over her shoulder, the heat is capable to melt Antarctic and flood the Netherlands.

We go for drinks, simulate a phone call, apologize for leaving... some friend in hospital... or we just say we are really really tired.

Scenario 3.

Our friend... girl... invites us to swingers party next weekend.

We blame the common cold.

Scenario 4.

If by any chance, there is a woman in our bed...

It is relatively easy to resist ... if she is there at the time we are not.

Also possibly easy to resist if she wears cloths.

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Or if she's there with another man ... more difficult is to resist the urge to test the throwing of kitchen knives.

Scenario 5.

If you look her in the eyes, you see there kindness, tenderness, desire, happiness, doubts, force, more doubts, courage, fragility, expectations... well, in one moment it is clear to you that this is the one...

It is impossible to resist this lady...

You lean over her...


and ... kiss her....


or wake up at half past three from a dream, use the wall to smash your head for resisting the first four girls and... you go out to throw the knives on old furniture.


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