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The king is dead, long live the king! The rules of attraction state that if the subject is mysterious, it is attractive. I contemplate, whether it applies also for the blogging and bloggers.I don't mean... me to be attractive, but the blog...On second thought... who mail is .... ;) Now serious! The trees need trimming!

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But it's Sunday, and if I appear outside with the tree scisors, I'll have very short life.

Soooo, you don't know it yet? I moved back 'home'. I have put aside the geophysical career, for a short while, (the king is dead) and I started ... (long live the king). (weeeeeeell, we leave something for the end ;) )

Back to the trees.
It's Sunday, the roasted chicken smells so nicely from the kitchen.
But going outside, dressed in working clothes (even though to our own garden) is a sin, that would bring few minutes of recitals. I just wait till Monday.

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You might be laughing, but my grandma is a power-grandma. Not even a year ago, she was complaining about pain here and there, three steps of stairs was a problem for her. I almost put a rail on the wall. Not to speak about her idea of calling the priest for final confession.
So I ordered daily exercice, stretching and since then, she is like a rocket.

Alright... slow rocket, but if you imagine 86-year old lady on a gym fitness ball, all the fun stops there.
She refused to lift two-kilogram dumbbells. So Santa brought her the 750 grams heavy ones. Shait... I forgot to put them under the tree. Bordel!

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So... physically she is far better than a year ago. She refuses to climb the ladder, therefore...

Back to the trees.
It is me, who has to do the trimming :(

Back to grandma:
I will rather not talk about how I had to prepare her for the reorganisation of the whole room; she does not shout anymore, she just has this horrible look on her face and I know that it is best to avoid any confrontation... well... so far, I have stood my ground, however, I need some reinforcments... Not only to convince her, but also someone to help me move the furniture and throw away the 100-year old carpet.

Back to the trees:
During the winter, I just relax, trim the trees, in the spring I will have shit loads of work there. Geophysical projects have been substituted by physical-construction projects (playing with the driveway) and physical-biological-psychological projects (when I trim the trees and talk to them nicely, they will reward me with a good crop in few months... if on the other hand, I will insult them ... they will probably give me nothing in return ... creatures... :-/)

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So, coming back to the new king:
During late hours, I dance. Everyday!
I started teaching social salon dances, salsa in the Porto-Rico style, I plan to do the personal coach training (apparently the archery coach licence is not enough) and I would like to do the massage training too. Along with conversations in English, French and possibly in German.

Soon, we open new lessons of Argentinian tango in Nuevo style, with the teaching techniques influenced by my French tutors, so everybody is welcome to join.
(Long live the dance!)

Coming back to the Johnny-centric planetary system (some of early NJUUUS):
Maybe it is just a melancholy state of my mind, because on this day, some hundred years ago, at half past five in the morning, I shouted at this world something incredibely funny (no one understood), but it looks like the world has changed ;)

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And today...
hopefully for loooooong time...
Johnny came back to blog about his experiences and funny stories.

(They say, this is a year of my mental maturation)
Therefore, if (when) I get the copyrights, maybe I'll tell you about a time, where I was dating three girls at the same time (legally).
But maybe I will mature before that and I will see it as inappropriate.
But if not...
Gentleman ... (will walk but never run - Sting), is gentleman even though he is not emotionally mature. ;)

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