What if NJUUUS, or something about...

In the life of a man, there is this moment, when he thinks about something, stops for a minute, scratches his ear.... and ... when the fart finally gets out, ... the man continues through his daiyly 11000 thoughts. Sometimes, however, there is this question: what if...

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As a first thought, I think, what if I don't wash my hair now, ... I would not have the time to do it the whole next week, so I see you in few moments ;)


Say, I am more or less clean. I will have to comb my hair for a week now, but that is very unimportant... in fact so unimportant as jumping of a small ant in the hope of rotational change of earth.

I have pondered few times already, what would happen if I did not write Geo NJUUUS. Majority of you would think that I am normal, some of you would not be happy upon the arrival of my short notice, and smile in your everyday grey events... smile on those crazy remarks that sometimes exit my cerebrum. (I am against those emails, where you only receive the pictures), and definitely everybody would think that football contains only hexagons.

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(behold those that do not look for a dictionary to find how a hexagon looks like ;) )

There would be even few people that would not know, that I exist. ( They know now, but, cannot catch me for now.)

If I did not succeed to get into Geology, NJUUUS would be called maybe Bio NJUUUS, but to be honest, I do not find it so much thrilling to write about some joghurt cultures.

I'm not sayg that Geo are always about Geo, but Geo has better sound to it.

Ján Bereš

Ján Bereš

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